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Episode 141: League of Outcasts

Emrys Smith Joins Jeff and Bill to help them understands MOBAs.

Portable Power


Episode 140: T is for Trigger Words

Isaac helps Bill and Jeff fix racism, they do not succeed.

 Louis Theroux Documentaries on YouTube. Watch as many as you can!


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Episode 139: Antique Butt Hats

Isaac joins Jeff and Bill to talk about Weird Al and Butt Hats!


Episode 138: “Current” Events

Josh Gabel returns to listen to Bill and Jeff talk about racism and politics!

Josh on Steam: Tuleran


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Episode 137: A Yeard to Remember

Josh Gabel joins Bill and Jeff to talk about Current Obsessions!


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Episode 136: Isaac Tunes III

Ashley joins Bill and Jeff to talk about Brandie Posey, and Dogs!

MNMOM on YouTube
The Grooming Geek


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Episode 135: Marc, Don’t Listen

Aislinn’s brother may want to skip this episode.