Episode 2: Choo Choo Chugga

Our second episode! In which we thank our listeners, beg for iTunes reviews, and talk movies and zombies. Enjoy!

Humble Indy Bundle 4

The Humble Indy Bundle 4 is out today!

For those of you that are uninformed the Humble Bundles are a pay what you want package of indy games that also give a portion of the proceeds to charities!

The games included this time are:

If you pay above the adverage price you get two additional games!

The charities this time around are:

So go get some great games and help some awesome charities NOW!

Louis C.K.’s New Special

Hey Friends. Just letting you know (like you don’t already know) That Louis C.K. released a new Stand up special yesterday. It’s him live at the Beacon Theatre. Guess what? It’s GREAT, as always. Ready for the best part? You just go to www.louisck.net and you get it! It’s only FIVE DOLLARS! How can you pass it up? Go get it now. Don’t torrent that shit, buy that shit! Support this guy. Ok, that’s all.