Episode 11: The Bee Ninja

We talk about our deepest fears, as well as a few shallow ones.

Octopus: On Land, On Boat
Critters (1986)
Marble Hornets

The wooden coaster in Six Flags, El Toro, is 100% wooden.
Neon Tigers is a song, Neon Trees is a band.
The Elephant Man arrested for rape was the rapper NOT the actor.

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Episode 10: Ghosts & Shit

For our first Valentine’s Day episode we logically talk about Ghosts and Hauntings, because you know, we make sense that way.

Graveyard Picture

Ball Lightning
Selinsgrove Center
Centralia Pictures
Cracked Article featuring Centralia/Silent Hill (see #4)
Mike’s Centralia Vlog
Bee House Vlog
Mike’s Scary Place Vlog
Devil’s Road

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Episode 9: Justin Strawser

We talk with our friend and YouTube mini Star Justin Strawser about Taxis, Bath Salts, Religion and Blowjobs!

A professional ladies and gentlemen

Justin Strawser:
News Item: News Item Home, Bath Salts, Radical Muslim
YouTube: Channel, 241543903, Convenient YouTube playlist Justin made for us

Our old YouTube channels: Mike, Bill, Jeff
Fan Fiction [NSFW]
Original Rick Perry Video

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TWITTER…THURSDAY #2 [Thoughts on Shuffle Entry]

Sorry folks, today got real busy real quick. Twitter Wednesday ALMOST happened though!

Turns out I’ll be working Wednesday nights from now on, so looks like Twitter Thursday will be a thing as of today. Then you can look forward to a new original comic from me on Fridays. This schedule is going to be concrete starting this week, so feel free to get your hopes up!

This week on Twitter Thursday, Chelsea Peretti! Follow her on Twitter at.. @chelseavperetti

For those of you who are new to this, each week I choose a tweet from someone’s account that I really enjoyed…then I illustrate it! Exciting right?
Anywho, here was the tweet:

aaaaaaaand in comic form:

Tune in on Friday for a comic with a punchline I actually came up with!