Popular Outcasts Youtube Clip – Episode 3: Misquote Mishaps

Happy Friday, yet again, Outcasts!

This week we have a clip from the infamous Episode 3: Joey Green! This episode dove into some of the…darker parts of the internet. However, midway through the episode, we decided to throw some thought provoking questions at Joey. Being the lovable fuck-up of the group, Mike takes the time to warp one of the questions into something that not only throws off Joey’s groove, but Bill’s and Jeff’s as well.

Enjoy and share, friends!

Episode 3: Joey Green can be listened to in full right HERE.

Episode 16: Tony Andracchio

We chat with friend and science enthusiast, Tony Andracchio. We talk about the space, religion, Our brain boners for Neil deGrasse Tyson, high school, the Internet, AI and much much more!

We mention two subreddits at the end of the episode.
r/gonewild is NSFW and contains self-shot amateur porn.
The other subreddit we mention, (I shall not repeat it here), is NSFL and often contains real photos of gore and medical maladies, often with deceptive titles designed to trick you into looking.

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Popular Outcasts meet The Nerdist Crew!

Last evening, the three of us ventured to Philadelphia for a live recording of the Nerdist Podcast. If you don’t know what this is, you can stop reading here as the next few items of business may not be all that exciting to you. HOWEVER! We do recommend this podcast 100%, if you like us…you will fall in love with Nerdist. They literally are the only reason we exist.

We’ll be reflecting on this experience in a future episode, but a few things happened last night that we simply cannot wait to share with all of you.

At the end of most episodes of the Nerdist, the crew takes the time to answer a few Qwemments (Questions/Comments, derp.) Seeing as we scored front row seats, Jeff took it upon himself to approach the microphone.

This is where we’d normally tell you what happened, but thanks to technology, we have it all recorded. So without further adieu, here is Jeff Kunkel speaking with Chris Hardwick face-to-face. Grab the tissues, Outcasts, this is our most heartwarming Popular Outcasts moment yet:

Also, we managed to have this happen. Minds were blown.

This experience was irreplaceable. We had a blast.

OH! And one more thing! Bill happened to hand off a Popular Outcasts flyer to Chris! We didn’t even expect him to take it, but as we left we noticed it in his back pocket. We all peed our pants and went home shortly after.

See you all on Tuesday!

Popular Outcasts Youtube Clip – Episode 2: The Origin of Choo Choo Chugga Chugga

Lately, we’ve realized that some of you out there may be sporadic listeners (we like to call you slackers) who may only listen to an episode here or there if the title is catchy enough for you. If this is the case, you may find yourself asking this question:

What the hell is a Choo Choo Chugga Chugga?

This is why we have chosen to reminisce upon the origin of our sign-off with you during this week’s Youtube Clip!

From the dedicated to the casual, this is for everyone out there who has a little Outcast in them:

Episode 2: Choo Choo Chugga can be listened to in full right HERE.

Episode 15: Algerian Donuts

We tell work stories and are visited by Episode 16’s guest unexpectedly!

Algerian Donuts Inside

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Popular Outcasts Youtube Clip – Episode 1: Texting and Friends

This is it, what you guys have been helping us with!

Welcome to our new Youtube channel!
Each week we will release a story/segment from every episode in chronological order, starting with Episode 1 today (obviously.) Thanks to the wonderful Outcast community, we’re working on including stories that you, our wonderful audience, have so delicately hand-picked for us. We only have a few episodes taken care of, so please, keep those comments coming!

Our reason for doing this? Some of you, we understand, have busy schedules that don’t allow time for an hour of our yammering. So, we figured, why not 3-7 minutes every Friday?! That’s do-able!

Consider these “trailers” or “Best of’s” either/or, this is what you have to look forward to once a week for the rest of time:

If you like this then -Insert Youtube Plea for Comments/Reviews/Likes Spiel Here!-

But seriously, by all means, if you like this video/think you know someone who can relate to our musings, share this!

Thanks for watching folks! See you all Tuesday, we have one heck of an episode for you!

Listen to Episode 1: This is my JOB! in full right HERE.

Popular Outcasts: Live Action!

Outcasts! Exciting news! (that doesn’t relate to our need for your stories, keep ’em coming!)

We’ve created a promotional video for Popular Outcasts and we need you, the listener, to share it with anyone you know that might be interested in what we’re doing over here.

Special thanks to Mr. Kyle Blessing and his majestic radio voice for narrating!

Now, without further adieu:

If you feel like sharing this with your friends (which you totally should) you can find a link right HERE!

NOTE: We apologize for the downtime earlier today, it had nothing to do with us personally. We certainly hope it won’t be happening again anytime soon, but we assure you that if it does, we’ll keep you posted over at our Facebook page.