Super Mega Ultra Post!

Outcasts. Are you sitting down? This is gonna be an exciting post.

This week, we have our usual YouTube segment (as well as last week’s segment since Mike has been dealing with finals and he decided to take on the task of keeping up with all of these silly things…unsuccessfully. Smooth, right?)

LAST week’s YouTube segment has the Popular Outcasts talking to Mike McGranaghan ( about chick flicks and their place in Hollywood:

Listen to the whole episode right HERE!

The Youtube Segment meant for THIS week heads in a…different direction. Bill was on Jerry Springer. That about sums it up. Here’s the story:

Listen to the whole episode right HERE!

Despite these fantastic memories, we have some more exciting news for you.
As of today, we’ve reached some pretty unexpected milestones in our short Podcasting careers. iTunes is the home to nearly 200,000 Podcasts. Here’s where we stand thanks to all of you:

Top 200 – Comedy (#135)
Top 100 – Games & Hobbies (#93)
Top 100 – TV & Film (#81)
Top 150 – Society & Culture (#122)
Top 150 – Technology (#129)

In case you need us to tell you:


Never in a million years did we expect to reach numbers like these. We only have you to thank, Outcasts. It means a lot that you share our episodes, rate our podcast and review us on iTunes. We owe all of this to you!

In celebration of these astronomical numbers, we’re releasing a new cut of our documentary: From Couch to ‘Cast! We cleaned ‘er up a bit and added a few things here and there, hope you all enjoy!

Until next week, Choo Choo Chugga Chugga.

Episode 20: Autastic!

We share our experiences and opinions on parenthood, kids and Autism.

Top Secret

Hey there Outcasts!

This is Jeff with a special teaser to a very special 3-part episode/event!

I can’t say more yet, in case it goes horribly and we have to can it.

I’ll be bringing you more info in the next few weeks.


Episode 19: Kyle Blessing

We speak with local radio personality and professional people watcher, Kyle Blessing!

Boba Phat

Kyle Blessing
Boba Phat on Etsy
Sexy and I Grow It
Snakes on a Plane Censored Line

Hero Of Today – A Sort-Of Review

Hey Outcasts. Bill here. I just wanted to do a quick post in regards to the Desolation Films flick, Hero Of Today.

I recently purchased the digital copy of Hero Of Today and, without shame, I can tell you that I’ve have watched it four times since. Matter of fact, I’m probably going to watch it again once I’m done with this post, actually. Yeah, I dig it that much.

It’s not just another zombie flick. At all. It’s a story of a guy who goes from underdog to bad ass, just the way I (and probably you) would hope things would go for me if something like this actually happened. Sure, it’s got some (minimal) rough edges, just like pretty much anything else I’ve ever watched, but damn, does it pay off! There’s some good scares, a bit of gore (I may be understating that) quotable lines, and a good amount of laughs. It hits all the sweet spots near and dear to my heart: zombies, horror, humor, and well, there’s this line that made me actually shout, “YES!! BAD ASS!” when I heard it. If you’re a geek like me, you’ll have the same reaction.

Being a fan of Desolations Films’ work since I was exposed to it a few years ago, I was happy to get the opportunity to actually watch the flick again recently. Let me tell you, it really held up! I was so happy to watch again, and I really hope that you folks give it a shot.

Currently, if you head to the Desolation Films website, you can purchase your digital copy right now for $1.99. Worth every single cent, and then some.

You can listen to our interview with Desolation Films’ James Mattern and Chad Renn right here.


p.s. Chester needs a prequel. You’ll see what I mean.

Episode 18: DUDE; PARTY!

We talk about our school days briefly, then quickly move to talking about the partying we did instead of schoolwork.

Errata: The Fargo drinking game is played by drinking every time a character says “Yeah” not “Eh.”

Castle Room
Jungle Room
Fargo Drinking Game