Episode 24: Internet Hipsters

Welcome to the Internet! Mike, Bill and Jeff drop some major internet knowledge on your brains!

Our illustrations from redditor GraceZooms:

Know Your Meme: A great resource for getting the history on your favorite memes
Jeff’s Joke Thread on Reddit

Episode 23: Outcast Babies

Mike, Bill and Jeff have a nostalgia overload. We talk about the movies, TV shows and toys that influenced our childhood.

Episode 22: Beth M.

We talk with our good friend, Graphic Designer, and lady, Beth M.

Permanently Delete your Facebook Account
The Wayback Machine

Secret Revealed!

Hey there Outcasts!

This is Jeff again, bringing you all the details of our no longer secret project!

The secret project is:

3 Popular Outcasts

3 Four Lokos

3 Hours

The Popular Outcasts will be embarking on a journey without leaving the recording studio, and we’re taking you with us. Some of you remember when a drink called Four Loko existed in a caffeinated form. I, Jeff, had the foresight to buy two cases of these caffeinated Four Lokos a week before they were banned forever! It has been one year since the banning of the caffeinated Four Loko and I have four cans left. We will each crack and drink a Four Loko as we begin recording. We will record for three solid hours and then break the session into a trilogy of one hour long episodes.

We will be recording in the last weekend of May and releasing the first part of the drunken trilogy the first Tuesday in June. If we don’t die that is.

Episode 21: iHemorrhoids

Video Games Episode 2!

We talk about our favorite iOS games!

Kingdom Rush

Submit an illustration to our Facebook Page or email it to Mike
• The illustration must be related to Popular Outcasts
• There must be some effort involved in the illustration. No stick figures

A copy of the game Kingdom Rush HD

Jetpack Joyride
Temple Run
Angry Birds Space

Write Bill a short pitch for your favorite game.
• Write Bill a short pitch for an existing video game, Any Platform
• Submit it to our Facebook Page or email it to Bill
• Bill will pick the Best Three submissions and announce them on May 8th

A copy of the game Angry Birds Space

Hero Academy

• Download and install Hero Academy
• Start a game with Jeff, user name: Nerdtastic91686
• Mention the Popular Outcasts in the in-game chat
• Win the match

• 100 x Taunts
• 1 x Dark Elves
• 1 x Uniform Colors
• 1 x Each of all Council and Dark Elf avatar packs

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