Episode 29: Be Our Therapist

The Popular Outcasts recover from Project Loko. We then move on to talking about some of our personal issues. No worries though, we end with a pallet cleansing portion of Let’s Get Twiharded!

Episode 28: Project Loko: Part 3

The thrilling conclusion to the Project Loko Trilogy! Listen as we sober up and reflect on the experience.

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Episode 27: Project Loko: Part 2

The Two Towers of the Project Loko Trilogy. The insanity continues!


The word Jeff is looking for is Episiotomy

Episiotomy on Wikipedia

Let’s Get Twiharded!

Outcasts! Twihards! Twitards?

We’re very sure all of you are well aware of what we do here by now. If you consider yourself an avid listener, this post is not necessarily for you.

Every three weeks we tackle a very pressing matter on the podcast: Twilight.

First, a backstory:

One day, after a sudden inner-revolution, Jeff realized that he spends countless precious seconds directing hatred toward a certain sparkly, romance-filled, vampiric love story. As these thoughts were juggled around in his mind, he realized that maybe he doesn’t quite have the right to hate a series with such passion.

After carefully assessing the danger, Jeff decided he’d tackle the Twilight audiobook in an effort to understand where the hype came from. At each recording session, Jeff brings an incredibly detailed outline. This outline is presented to Bill and Mike; their reactions are recorded in real-time.

Popular Outcasts assumes that if they absorb the roots of the series (the books) then maybe they can get away with making fun of the series guilt-free.

For those of you that consider yourself fans, this is where you come in. Look at your Facebook friends, look at your phone’s contact list, scan your twitter feed; we want you to tell the fans about what we’ve been up to, who knows, maybe they’ll enjoy themselves!

We’ve compiled a helpful list that will allow you to easily access every “Let’s Get Twiharded” segment we’ve recorded thus far.

New listeners the Twilight segments are found within the last 30 minutes of each episode, but feel free to listen to everything! Have fun and and don’t take our satire too seriously!

Let’s Get Twiharded Segments:

Segment One: Stripper Love Triangles

Segment Two: Ghosts & Shit

Segment Three: Romancing Slenderman

Segment Four: We’re Twelve

Segment Five: Autastic

Segment Six: Outcast Babies

Segment Seven: Project Loko, Part 1 (We’re totally drunk for this one.)


Important Reminder: Whether you’re Team Edward, Team Jacob, Team Katniss or Team Outcast, we still love you.

Episode 26: Project Loko: Part 1

The initial episode of Project Loko! listen to us slowly get drunk, talk about being drunk, and get generally ridiculous!

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