Episode 34: Mike Carpenter

We talk with the gigantic Mike Carpenter! Long time friend, and fan of this podcast.

So Mike Bennett posted the cover photo for this episode on /r/RedditGetsDrawn and some lovely redditors gave us the /r/RedditGetsDrawn treatment! Check out the thread here!

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Mike Carpenter:
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Carpenter’s /r/Redditgetsdrawn post
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Mike Bennett Sings Tequila
Gilbert Gottfried Reads Fifty Shades of Grey

The Teeth – Homewrecker. A review of sorts.

UPDATE: Preorder the album by clicking here!


Look, I’m not a professional reviewer of things.  I’m a guy who likes stuff he likes, and also talks about stuff he likes.  A lot.  I can’t help it. So when I run across something I really dig, I pretty much have to tell everyone I know.  Good thing this podcast and blog came along to help me do that, right?! Right?

Ok, now that that’s out of the way, I wanted to take a minute or two to let you know about a band that I really like, and their new album.  They are called The Teeth, and god damn, I can’t get enough of them. The style is a little difficult to describe.  They’re not hardcore, or metal, or good old fashioned rock and roll.  They’re kind of a mix of the three.  I would personally say that if you’re a fan of Every Time I Die, you’d dig them.

Now, the album:  Homewrecker.  From the first track until the last, it’s heavy duty.  I am trying so hard to not describe it with overly used terms, mainly because they’re used to the point that they really don’t mean much anymore.  Every album is the heaviest album EVAR, and every break down is the sickest. But shit, there is really no way to talk about this album without calling it super heavy, super rocking, and flat-out ill.  Kids still say “ill”, right?

Bottom Line: I can safely say that this is my new favorite album, and I can’t wait until you can hear it and talk about it.


Homewrecker will be released on Rock Paper Records on August 14th. Until then, how about you watch their video for the single, Bulletproof?


Enjoy it, Outcasts.



Episode 33: We’re Fatties

The Popular Outcasts talk about food! We then introduce a new segment; Current Obsessions!

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Episode 32: HOLY CROW!

The Popular Outcasts talk about their music careers and their favorite music. We then wrap up the episode with another edition of Let’s get Twiharded!

“…and this is crazy

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