Episode 47: Beverley Conrad

For this spooky Halloween episode of the podcast our friend Beverley Conrad comes over and tells some local ghost stories!

She brought this folder, but told all the stories from memory.

Beverley Conrad on Facebook
Fiddler Woman

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Episode 46: The Return of James Mattern & Chad Renn

Friends James Mattern and Chad Ren return to the podcast to regale us with tales of their new film “Santa Vs. The Sinister Ghouls of Christmas.”

Bill’s Sexy Face

Mike’s Arrested Development Illustration

Desolation Films
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Santa Vs. The Sinister Ghouls of Christmas
Santa Vs. The Sinister Ghouls of Christmas Trailer
Six Minutes
Hero of Today
You’re Gonna Have Some Walk Ons
Reel Reviews with Chad Renn
100mph Remix

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Episode 45: 3 of Rods

We make an attempt to talk about sex but get distracted by our own stories and Tarot cards.

This is where Candy is Made

Dick Pic

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Episode 44: 100 Miles Per Hour

We talk about our new donation page, give some shout outs, and have another extra long Twiharded!

WATCH: Twilight ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ New Trailer
Bad Lip Reading on YouTube
“Edward and Bella” — A Bad Lip Reading of Twilight
“The Hunger Games” — A Bad Lip Reading
50 Shades of Paul

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Episode 43: Mike Rowe

We talk with Mike’s college friend Mike Rowe! (Not the Dirty Jobs guy)

Alpha the Beta with the man who absorbed Gamma Rays


Jimmy Slenderman



notbvhj’s blog

Big imgur album of Mike’s wacky exploits
Marble Hornets Entry #19