Episode 129: Joke Angry (Jeff’s Fault)

Jeff and Bill fight.

Penn and Teller on Vaccinations


Episode 128: Ebony, Ivory, & AIDS

Jeff and Bill ease Mike back into the podcast with topics such as racism, religion, and AIDS.


Episode 127: Brought to you by Moxie!

Ok, so this episode wasn’t brought to you by Moxie, but Jeff did bring over some Moxie for Bill to enjoy! Also, Surprisingly, they didn’t spend an entire episode gushing about how awesome the MNMOM and The Eagles Presents: Dave Ross show was.

Episode 126: I’m Not Good With Titles

This week, Jeff and Bill chat about the last MNMOM, and gear up for the visit and performance of Dave Ross. Also, Bill did this post, and he’s terrible at naming things.