Episode 178: You’re Good, I Suck

Kevin Seibert joins Bill and Jeff to talk about Comedy, Video Games, and television shows!

Jeff’s referenced comedy set


Episode 11: The Bee Ninja

We talk about our deepest fears, as well as a few shallow ones.

Octopus: On Land, On Boat
Critters (1986)
Marble Hornets

The wooden coaster in Six Flags, El Toro, is 100% wooden.
Neon Tigers is a song, Neon Trees is a band.
The Elephant Man arrested for rape was the rapper NOT the actor.

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Episode 8: Mario vs Sonic

image courtesy of Mike Bennett

We talk about Video games and Jeff and Mike get into a small argument about two somewhat well-known video game mascots.

Jack Black Pitfall Commercial
The King of Kong on IMDb
(The King of Kong is unfortunately no longer streaming on Netflix)
1337 St. pictures
Ragtime Video Game Music:Yoshi’s Island athletic theme, Super Mario Land, Super Mario Athlete’s Rag
The Left Rights—Genesis 16:12
Sonic Music: Green Hill Zone, Spring Yard Zone, Casino Night Zone, More

Episode 2: Choo Choo Chugga

Our second episode! In which we thank our listeners, beg for iTunes reviews, and talk movies and zombies. Enjoy!

Episode 1: This is my JOB!

Our inaugural episode! Get to know your new hosts!